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Happy Clients

You can always count on an excellent class with Elizabeth!  All of her classes are well planned, challenging, different and fun! I have taken pilates instruction from Elizabeth for 15 years and I really like her teaching abilities and professional approach.  She cares about her clients, she listens, she is smart and treats everyone with respect.  Her local classes are booked literally months in advance and I can’t recommend her highly enough! Martha S

I have been practicing pilates with Elizabeth Hodges for over 10 years. 
I have enjoyed her early morning class for up to 5 days a week. Elizabeths deep knowledge of PRI and physical awareness brings a high level of teaching to her students. She is able to cater to all levels of ability as well as track each student's needs.
These are unique assets that I have not experienced with other pilates instruction. 
I would highly recommend Elizabeth without reservation.



There are so many reasons why Elizabeth is an excellent instructor.  For starters, as she calmly teaches her class, she always adds a small amount of commentary as to why we are doing each particular movement.  As a complete novice to Pilates, it is very interesting to hear, and really makes a difference in performing the exercise.  Breathing is a huge component to each class and something I very intentionally focus on throughout class.  She has managed to ingrain the breathing technique so much so that it has organically spilled over into my day-to-day living, and I often find myself practicing the breath work during all kinds of physical activity outside of Pilates. It has truly made a difference in those activities.


Lastly, Elizabeth is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to PRI.  This was something brand new to me when I started Pilates.  I now have such a greater understanding of it due to Elizabeth’s consistent focus on the human body’s asymmetry.  She educates her students on this during each class as she changes the breath work and movements, depending upon which side of the body we are working.  This is also something I have learned to practice outside of the class (during walking, for example.)

Maura M

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