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Elizabeth Hodges NCPT


I began my Pilates training in 2007 with Balanced Body University through Body Evolve in Highland Park, IL. I studied with Arlene Bass as well as other master instructors on staff at Body Evolve. I enjoy and take advantage of learning more about the practice, participating regularly in continuing education courses and taking classes from other instructors. In 2023 I earned the title of  Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT).


In 2009, I joined Pilates Central Wellness in Evanston, IL a certified Postural Restoration Center that includes a wide variety of small group and one on one Pilates classes combined with a busy physical therapy practice. For the last 10 years, I have practiced and trained with Donna Parise Byrne, PT, OCS, PRC, NCPT and owner of Pilates Central Wellness and RE-Balance Pilates. 

While I will always continue to enjoy my Pilates exploration, my main focus is the advanced integration of traditional Pilates movements in conjunction with the repositioning techniques of the Postural Restoration Institute. The human body is asymmetrical; therefore, we treat the right and left sides differently. 


Once you understand that each side of your body has its own unique characteristics, only then can you find balance in all of your systems. For example, the right side of the diaphragm is larger and has more pull on the spine while the left diaphragm is flatter and less able to “dome up”, or relax, on exhalation. This is just one example of how our Pilates practice has evolved.

I enjoy taking continuing education courses and have completed  Myokinematic Restortation, Impingement and Instability, Pelvis Restoration, PRI for Pilates, and PRI Integration for Geriatrics/Home. In addition I am trained in the Pink Ribbon Program which focuses on post-reconstruction training for women who are recovering from breast surgery.

In 2018, I assisted in the development of the instructional manual for the PRI Integration for Pilates taught by Donna Parise Byrne, PT, OCS, PRC and Sarah Petrick, MPT, DPT, PRC. I worked closely with Donna and Sarah, modeling and demonstrating the activities and exercises for the manual and course. 

Most recently, due to the move to remote work, I have enjoyed teaching clients "in the virtual studio" offering online group mat classes, individual mat and reformer Pilates as well as remote sessions focusing on the PRI techniques.  


"I hope to create a calm and non-judgemental atmosphere for my clients so they are able to feel comfortable and find the awareness needed to achieve balance in both their mind and bodies"

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